ACCROUTE TOLL - ATSL TeleSoft (Pvt) Ltd.


The revolutionary GPRS/NFC Toll Ticketing System by ATSL TeleSoft is an innovative and absolutely state-of-the-art solution that seamlessly utilizes and amalgamates cutting-edge technologies in the payment industry complemented by over the air updates.

Launched in 2011 with the opening of Sri Lanka's Southern Expressway, the ACCROUTE TOLL solution is a first-of-its-kind in South East Asia. The robust front-end powered by an industry leading NFC/GPRS based (POS) machine enables toll booth agents to issue toll tickets to passengers on the highway, complemented by the necessary software.

Key Benefits of ACCROUTE TOLL

  • Enables convenient and seamless end-to-end cashless transactions.
  • Eliminates fraudulent activity and transactions.
  • Ability to track vehicle movement frequency on highways.
  • Hassle-free report generation for highway authorities.
  • Minimizes risk and fraud due to centralized system.
  • Ability to extend solution to accept NFC based transactions.
  • Easy reconciliation of accounts.


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